Table 2.

Pathway categorization of significantly (q ≤ 0.1) differentially expressed genes in normal lung tissues from flaxseed-fed mice compared with control-fed mice

Pathway nameTotal genes in the pathwayIdentified genes in the pathway% Significant genes
Phase I1063331.13
RAF/MAPK signaling2534317.00
SOS-mediated signaling2534317.00
IRS-mediated signaling3295115.50
EGFR signaling pathway3735314.21
VEGF signaling3474813.83
PI3K–AKT signaling1381813.04
FGFR signaling941111.70
Phase II1031211.65
Cytokine signaling in immune system8359411.26
Development biology1,06611110.41
Detoxification of ROS39410.26
Wnt signaling296237.77
Cellular response to hypoxia7534.00
Cellular response to stress423153.55
Cell cycle604203.31
Transcription regulation by TP53364113.02
Cell-cycle checkpoints18331.64
DNA repair29341.37