Table 3.

Mean scores and corresponding SDs for each statement

S1. No mortality effect3.11.20.293
S2. Drugs have adverse events3.01.2
S9. Off label in EU2.91.1
S4. Unclear who is the appropriate physician2.81.2
S6. Lack of medical knowledge2.91.0
S7. Prevention of curable cancers2.91.3
S3. Lack of reliable biomarkers3.01.1
S5. Risk models are difficult2.81.3
S8. Drugs have poor commercial interest3.01.3
S10. AIs better than SERMs2.81.1
  • NOTE: Score 5, very important; score 1, unimportant; P value with the Kruskal–Wallis nonparametric rank test.