Table 3.

Multivariable adjusted associations between BMI at age 10, body size at age 10, and mammographic density measures among 365 premenopausal womena

VPD (%)DV (cm3)NDV (cm3)
VariablenDiff%b95% CIPcDiff%95% CIPbDiff%95% CIPb
BMI at age 10 years (kg/m2)365−6.44−8.36 to −4.48<0.001−0.89−2.46–0.700.2686.884.27–9.55<0.001
Body size at age 10 years
 3–4129−16.80−27.37 to −4.680.0081.80−8.26–12.960.73726.558.05–49.220.004
 551−32.21−43.66 to −18.42<0.0011.13−12.22–16.520.87658.5427.26–97.50<0.001
 6+28−47.81−58.88 to −33.76<0.001−13.11−27.60–4.280.13180.9036.31–140.08<0.001
  • aBMI at age 10 and body size at age 10, as independent variables in separate models. All models are adjusted for attained age, birth index, family history of breast cancer, and race.

  • bPercentage differences (%Diff) represents one unit change in an adiposity measure associated with one unit change in VPD, DV, or NDV.

  • cMultivariable linear regression models were used to evaluate the associations of adiposity at age 10 with mammographic density measures. The P values for body size compare each category with the reference category. The P values for BMI test for trends.