Table 1.

Summary of analyzed sites

Analyzed sitesClassificationPathology
Normal oral mucosa, no biopsy (46)Clinically normal (46)N/A
Biopsied lesions (56)Benign (45)Lichenoid mucositis (17)
Fibroma (9)
Granuloma (2)
Pemphigus/pemphigoid (2)
Hyperkeratosis and/or hyperplasia (4)
Lymphoid epithelial cyst (1)
Mucositis/gingivitis (2)
Papilloma (1)
Pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia (1)
Pyogenic granuloma (1)
Submucous fibrosis (1)
Ulcer (1)
Mild dysplasia (3)a
Moderate Dysplasia+ (11)Moderate dysplasia (7)
Severe dysplasia (1)
Oral SCC (3)
  • aMild dysplasia was considered benign due to its low risk of malignant progression and the difficulty of distinguishing mild dysplasia from reactive atypia in this population.