Table 2.

Family history of diabetes and risk of colorectal cancer

NHS, having vs. no family history of diabetesHPFS, having vs. no family history of diabetes
Model 1a1.09 (0.99–1.20)1.20 (1.05–1.36)
Model 2b1.08 (0.98–1.19)1.22 (1.07–1.39)
Model 3c1.07 (0.97–1.18)1.20 (1.05–1.37)
Model 4d1.06 (0.96–1.17)1.19 (1.04–1.36)
  • aModel 1 was adjusted for age.

  • bModel 2 was further adjusted for family history of colorectal cancer, menopausal status and postmenopausal hormone use (women), physical activity, alcohol intake, smoking, aspirin use, multivitamin use, colonoscopy/sigmoidoscopy, physical examination, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and AHEI score.

  • cModel 3 was further adjusted for BMI.

  • dModel 4 was further adjusted for incidence of diabetes.