Table 2.

Efficacy of Multiple Agents of Different Classes in the MNU-Induced Model of Mammary Cancer in Rats

ModelClass of AgentsSpecific AgentDoseTumor Multiplicity Decrease (%)Reference
MNU RatSERMTamoxifen3 ppm>95Unpublished
MNU RatSERMArzoxifene1 ppm90Unpublished
MNU RatSERMToremifene5 ppm6510
MNU RatSERMBazedoxifene5 ppm85Unpublished
MNU RatAromatase InhibitorVorozole1 mg/kg BW/day>9511
MNU RatAromatase InhibitorLetrozole1 ppm>90Unpublished
MNU RatRXR AgonistTargretin>150 ppm>8022
MNU RatRXR AgonistUAB-30200 ppm6623
MNU RatRXR Agonist4Me UAB-30200 ppm8023
MNU RatEGFR InhibitorGefitinib10 mg/kg BW>8516
MNU RatEGFR InhibitorErlotinib6 mg/kg BW>8517
MNU RatEGFR InhibitorLapatinib75 mg/kg BW>8518
  • *Vorozole: Agents in bold are effective as a therapeutic agent (reversal of palpable tumor) at a highly effective preventive dose. Most of the agents were not tested therapeutically. The SERMs required a markedly higher dose to achieve therapeutic efficacy than to achieve preventive efficacy.