Table 4.

Efficacy of Multiple Agents of Different Classes in the AOM Rat Colon or Min Mouse Models

ModelClass of AgentsSpecific AgentDoseTumor Multiplicity Decrease (%)Reference
AOM RatNSAIDPiroxicam150 ppm>805
AOM RatNSAIDNaproxen400 ppm>80Unpublished
AOM RatNSAIDSulindac200 ppm>75Unpublished
AOM RatNSAIDIbuprofen200 ppm>75Unpublished
AOM RatNSAIDNimesulide200 ppm>75Unpublished
AOM RatCoxib.Celecoxib1000 ppm>8535
AOM RatCoxibCelecoxib250 ppm6535
Min MouseNSAIDPiroxicam150 ppm>7038
Min MouseNSAIDNaproxen400 ppm>80Unpublished
Min MouseNSAIDSulindac200 ppm>7539,40
Min MouseCoxibCelecoxib1000 ppm>8541
Min MouseCoxibCelecoxib250 ppm6541
  • aAOM Rat: Agents in bold effective when administered beginning 12–14 weeks after AOM when aberrant crypt foci, but not clear adenomas, already exist. A few agents have been shown to inhibit progression from adenomas to adenocarcinomas but most agents have not been tested in such a protocol.

  • bMin Mouse: All agents in bold effective in a 5–6-week-old Min Mouse which already has a substantial tumor (adenoma) burden. Thus, highly effective agents must be causing regression of some preexisting adenomas.