Table 3.

Proportional differences in pIKKα/β, TLR4, and TLR5 expression in the full length of crypts and stroma, by categories of baseline participant characteristics (n = 105)a

pIKKα/β (OD), cryptsTLR4 (OD), cryptsTLR4 (OD), stromaTLR5 (OD), cryptsTLR5 (OD), stroma
Baseline characteristicN%DiffbP%DiffbP%DiffbP%DiffbP%DiffbP
Age(tertiles), years
Regular NSAID use (≥1/wk)
Regular aspirin use (≥1/wk)
Smoking status
BMI, kg/m2
 Normal (<25)22Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.Ref.
 Overweight (25–30)43−1.110.575.823.633.2
 Obese (≥30)4035.70.0426.60.2152.90.5754.
Had sessile serrated adenomas
Red/processed meat, svgs/d
MIB-1 (full-length crypts)c,d
pIKKα/β (full-length crypts)c
  • Abbreviations: %Diff, proportional difference; d, day; OD, optical density; svgs, servings; wk, week.

  • aMultivariable-adjusted means, mean differences, and P values calculated using general linear models (implemented using PROC GLM in SAS 9.4), controlling for age (continuous), sex (by study arm), study center, and staining batch number, where appropriate; presented in Supplementary Table S5.

  • bProportional difference = [(comparison mean – reference mean)/reference mean] × 100%; mean presented in Supplementary Table S5.

  • cTertiles of staining batch-standardized optical density values.

  • dMissing data on 2 patients.