Table 3.

Association between lipid-lowering medication use and incident prostate cancer stratified by race and plasma total cholesterol, men in ARIC (1990–2012)

Current use# Incident prostate cancerPerson-yearsHRa (95% CI)HRb (95% CI)
 White menNo34351,6611.0 (Ref)1.0 (Ref)
Yes19827,6020.93 (0.77–1.13)0.94 (0.78–1.15)
 Black menNo17015,2901.0 (Ref)1.0 (Ref)
Yes895,9301.21 (0.90–1.62)1.27 (0.95–1.71)
Total cholesterol
 Normal range (<5.2 nmol/L)No32639,3541.0 (Ref)1.0 (Ref)
Yes10411,9820.97 (0.76–1.24)0.98 (0.76–1.26)
 Borderline or elevated (≥5.2 nmol/L)No18627,4931.0 (Ref)1.0 (Ref)
Yes18321,5211.07 (0.85–1.36)1.11 (0.88–1.41)
  • aAdjusted for age and joint categories of race and field center.

  • bAdjusted for age, joint categories of race and field center, height, updated BMI, updated cigarette smoking status, updated diabetes status, updated aspirin use, and education level.