Table 1.

Characteristics of current users and nonusers of lipid-lowering medications, men in ARIC at visit 4 (1996–1999)

All menBlack menWhite men
Current lipid-lowering drug use at visit 4 (1996–1999)
Age (years)636462636364
Black (%)21.311.0
Education (%)
 Less than high school graduate20.217.337.834.315.415.2
 High school graduate, vocational school, some college36.938.026.724.839.739.6
 College graduate, some graduate school, graduate degree42.744.535.240.044.845.1
Height (cm)176175176176176175
BMI (kg/m2)28.429.028.329.928.428.9
Waist-to-hip ratio0.980.990.960.970.980.99
Cigarette smoking status (%)
 Former/quit ≥10 years ago39.048.629.238.141.649.9
 Current/quit <10 years ago29.125.940.128.626.225.6
Diabetes status (%)
 At risk for diabetes39.439.336.140.040.339.3
 Undiagnosed diabetes5.
Ever hypertensive (%)49.866.069.085.744.663.6
Ever elevated cholesterol (%)25.454.930.365.724.153.5
Baseline health insurance (%)92.495.978.883.896.097.4
  • Values are means or percentages. All characteristics are assessed at visit 4, unless otherwise indicated. Visit 4 was chosen because by this point statins had been on the market for several years and 76% of the lipid-lowering medications used by ARIC participants were statins.