Table 2.

Association of lipid-lowering medication use and duration of use with incident prostate cancer, 6,518 men in ARIC (1990–2012)

# Incident prostate cancersPerson-yearsHRa (95% CI)HRb (95% CI)
Current use
 No51366,9511 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 Yes28733,5321.00 (0.86–1.18)1.03 (0.87–1.21)
Duration of use
 Never51366,9511 (Ref)1 (Ref)
 <10 years23323,5621.11 (0.94–1.31)1.13 (0.95–1.34)
 ≥10 years549,9700.67 (0.50–0.91)0.68 (0.50–0.92)
  • aAdjusted for age and joint categories of race and field center.

  • bAdjusted for age, joint categories of race and field center, height, updated BMI, updated cigarette smoking status, updated diabetes status, updated aspirin use, and education level.