Table 1.

Characteristics of incident lung cancer cases and those who remained cancer-free during the observation period, LCEC 2002 to 2016

Patient characteristicIncident cancer diagnosis (N = 171)No cancer yet (N = 2,753)
Female sex54.451.7
Age in years, mean (SD)68 (10.7)60.9 (14.4)a
Ln pack-years, mean (SD)2.7 (1.8)0.7 (1.4)a
Number of lesions, mean (SD)1.4 (0.8)1.2 (0.5)a
Largest nodule size, mean (SD)12.5 (11)7.4 (10.4)a
Asbestos exposure9.362.80a
Family history of lung cancer8.193.16a
Family history of other cancer18.138.50a
Personal history of other cancer21.056.39a
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder21.642.32a
Ground glass opacity8.191.85a
Upper lobe40.9413.77a
  • NOTE: All statistics report percentages (%) or, when noted, means (SD). Ln, transformed using the natural logarithm. Results for categorical variables used χ2 tests whereas results for continuous variables (reporting means and SD above) used 2-tailed t tests.

  • aP < 0.001 when adjusting for the FDR.