Table 3.

Screening for tobacco use and reach of cessation services at NCI-Designated Cancer Centers in the Cancer Center Cessation Initiative, July 1 to December 31, 2018 (n = 13 Centers, 18 settingsa)

Adult patients with visits to the setting (n)12,4247,67746748,512
Adult patients screened for tobacco use (%)86.495.545.7100.0
Current smokers (%)11.310.64.522.0
Reach: Smokers who engaged in any tobacco treatment servicesb (%)24.717.13.487.3
  • aTobacco treatment programs were based at 18 settings within or affiliated with 13 NCI-Designated Cancer Centers.

  • bEngagement in tobacco treatment services could include any of the following: counseling (in-person, group, telephone), quitline referrals, cessation medications, text, or web-based programs.