Table 1.

Baseline clinical and demographic characteristics of the colorectal cancer patient cohort: the ColoCare Study.

Patient cohort
Age at diagnosis
 ≤39 years24.3
 40–49 years48.5
 50–59 years1225.5
 60–69 years1123.4
 70–79 years1327.7
 80+ years510.6
 Mean, years (SD)63.5(12.3)
Body mass index
 Normal (18.5–≤25 kg/m2)1327.7
 Overweight (25–≤30 kg/m2)2451.1
 Obese, class I (30–≤35 kg/m2)714.9
 Obese, class II (35+ kg/m2)36.4
 Mean, kg/m2 (SD)27.4(3.8)
Smoking status
 Never smoker1940.4
 Former smokera2246.8
 Current smoker510.6
NSAID useb
Cancer history in first-degree relatives
Microsatellite instability
 Stable (MSS)47100
Tumor site
Tumor grade
 Moderately differentiated3574.5
 Poorly differentiated612.8
Tumor stage
  • Abbreviations: NSAIDs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; SD, standard deviation; c, centimeter; kg, kilogram; m, meter.

  • aFormer smoker includes individuals who stopped smoking for >2 years.

  • bNSAID use in the last month.