Table 2.

Urinary PGE-M concentration according to randomized intervention arm.

Aspirin dose assignment
Placebo81 mg/day325 mg/day
Variable(n = 58)(n = 57)P81 vs. placebo(n = 54)P325 vs. placeboPaspirin (grouped) vs. placebo
Baseline urinary PGE-M, ng/mg cr15.5 (12.6)17.7 (17.1)0.4414.3 (13.7)0.620.82
Postintervention urinary PGE-M, ng/mg cr16.4 (15.8)13.1 (13.4)0.249.4 (7.9)0.0050.018
Δ urinary PGE-M, ng/mg cr0.8 (11.8)−4.6 (17.7)0.056−4.9 (11.2)0.0100.015
% change8.5 (50.6)−15.4 (56.7)0.018−28.2 (40.3)<0.00010.0003
  • Note: The P value for the primary outcome comparison is in bold. Values are mean (SD) unless otherwise noted. P values are generated from unpaired t tests between groups, as noted by the subscript text, for each measure. No significant differences were observed between aspirin treatment groups (81 vs. 325 mg/day), all P > 0.05.