Table 2.

ORs for cancer risk for all ATM PVs.

Cancer typeOR (95% CI)P
Breast - Ductal Invasive2.03 (1.89–2.19)<0.0001
Breast - DCIS1.80 (1.61–2.02)<0.0001
Breast – Lobular Invasive0.94 (0.74–1.20)0.6229
Breast - Male1.72 (1.08–2.75)0.0233
Ovarian1.57 (1.35–1.83)<0.0001
Colorectal1.49 (1.24–1.79)<0.0001
Endometrial1.10 (0.88–1.36)0.4079
Melanoma1.46 (1.18–1.81)0.0006
Prostate2.58 (1.93–3.44)<0.0001
Pancreatic4.21 (3.24–5.47)<0.0001
Gastric2.97 (1.66–5.31)0.0002
  • Note: ORs are adjusted for personal (coded as binary, affected/unaffected, variables) and family (numeric counts weighted by degree of relation) cancer histories of breast (invasive, ductal, DCIS, and male), ovarian, colorectal, melanoma, gastric, pancreatic, prostate, endometrial, and colon (polyps), as well as age, sex, and ancestry.