Table 3.

Median and range for baseline values and relative difference (percent) between baseline and 6 months for 16 serum biomarkers (of a total of 25 assessed), which exhibited a statistically significant change over timea either for the total cohort of 42 women completing the 6-month intervention or for groups defined by randomization or by dichotomization at 10% weight loss achieved at 6 months.

Baseline valuesRelative difference (%)
Total cohortPlaceboω-3 FAWt loss <10%Wt loss >10%
Analyte or ratioN = 42N = 22N = 20N = 21N = 21
Adiponectin, μg/mL29 (10–90)15%b3%20%b3%30%b
Leptin, ng/mL30 (6–109)43%d42%d49%d25%c71%d
Adiponectin:Leptin Ratioe1.0 (0.2–16)115%d115%d133%d58%c274%d
Lipocalin-2, ng/mL255 (122–441)−11%8%23%b10%23%b
Resistin, ng/mL38 (12–73)8%b−6%11%b−6%12%b
PAI-1, ng/mL83 (53–161)12%d−12%11%c−10%14%c
HGF, pg/mL304 (36–833)12%b−10%13%b0%18%c
Omentin, ng/mL2.3 (1.4–48.3)5%0%9%b1%16%
Insulin, pg/mL259 (28–1805)23%c−20%42%b−16%54%c
CRP, μg/mL2.8 (0.2–20.3)18%b−7%23%b−13%44%b
IL6, pg/mL1.8 (0.4–296)−10%−5%−17%19%b13%
SHBG, nmol/L61 (23–160)24%d17%c36%d13%c31%d
Free estradiol, pmol/L5.0 (0.9–52.8)13%b−11%−13%−7%20%b
Free testosterone, pmol/L44 (1–2201)17%c−15%24%b−6%41%b
IGFBP2, nmol/L (n = 18)0.34 (0.06–0.67)86%c127%b41%32%140%b
IGF1:IGBP2 ratio (n = 18)19 (5–140)−35%−36%−34%−18%42%b
  • Note: There is no adjustment for multiple comparisons so caution is advised in interpretation of the results.

  • Abbreviation: Wt, weight.

  • aWilcoxon nonparametric signed-rank test, 2-tailed, for within-group differences between baseline and 6 months.

  • bP < 0.05.

  • cP < 0.005.

  • dP < 0.0005.

  • eAdiponectin: leptin ratio is computed on the basis of adiponectin values in μg/mL and leptin values in ng/mL. Also assessed were TNFα, MCP-1, FGF-21, FABP4, estradiol, testosterone, IGF-1, IGFBP3, and ratio of IGF1: IGFBP3; no statistically significant changes detected.